About Hietsu Regional Promotion Association

In June 1992, 27 municipal offices, business and tourism organizations agreed to establish an association that would endeavour to stimulate and promote local industry while preserving all that is rich in our traditional culture. Since then,this association has been offering useful information and conducting various events in pursuit of this goal.

Activities and publications of the Association
  • Project to promote tourism and local industry
  • Photo Book
  • Blue Guide Series No.7 "Hietsu"
  • High vision still photographs
  • Travel information leaflet in English
  • Internet homepage
  • Hietsu road map
photo:Hietsu(left) Photo Book(right)

Member Organizations
Gifu Prefecture/ Takayama City/ Hida City/ Shirakawa Village/
Gifu Prefecture Federation of Tourism Association/Hida Takayama Tourism Association/ Gifu Prefecture Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ Takayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Kamioka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Toyama Prefecture/ Toyama City/ Tonami City/ Nanto City/
Toyama Prefecture Federation of Tourism Association/Toyama City Tourism Association/ Toyama Prefecture Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ Toyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry/

Prefectural Policy Planning Dept., Prefectural Policy Coordination Division,Gifu Prefeccture
Governor Policy Planning Dept., Toyama Prefecture

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