Takayama City

Population: 96,214
Households: 32,165

Takayama City is situated in a basin in the northern part of Gifu Prefecture. Mt.Norikura and Mt.Hodaka lie to the east, and Mt.Haku lies to the west. The Miyagawa River runs through the city. Takayama developed as a castle town, and surrounded by mountains, it is often called a "small Kyoto". In the downtown area, there are many hotels and tourist spots. Among them, there is a street of traditional houses with unique lattice doors. The gorgeously decorated festival carts, Ichii-ittobori carvings and Shunkei-nuri lacquerware show the craftsmanship of this city. Local food such as red turnip pickles, hobamiso bean paste and Hida beef are what the city is proud to offer.
(photo:Takayama Jin'ya House)
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