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Toyama City is located in the center of Toyama Prefecture. It faces Toyama Bay rich in marine products to the north and the mountains rising as high as 3,000m to the southeast. The extent of the city is 60.7km to the east and west, 43.8 km to the south and north and 1, Toyama City is the biggest city in Japan that occupies about 30 % of the prefecture.

In the city, there are noble and natural tourism resources, such as gCentral Mountain National Park,h gTateyama Mountains,h gJinzu kyo(Gulch)h and many leisure facilities, such as ski resorts, hot springs, golf resorts, trailer sites, etc. Toyama City also plays the role of the gateway to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

In addition, Toyama City has Traditional culture like g Owara Kaze-no-bon Dance Festival (nationwide dance)h and characteristic festivals like g All Japan National Chindon (professional gchindon-yah-dig-dong comic street performers usually employed to advertise the opening of new stores) Contest,h gYosakoi Toyama Danceh held at gToyama Festivalh in summer. Please visit Toyama City and enjoy its attractions. (Photo: Toyama City Hall)

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