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Return Hida Folk Village | Takayama City | Photo Gallery
This is a spacious park of local culture. More than 30 thatched houses from different parts of the Hida area were disassembled and rebuilt here. A stream, a pond, a rice field and a vegetable patch together make this look like an authentic traditional village. At each museum house, visitors can appreciate the lifestyle and industry of olden times.
[Info]TEL.(0577)34-4711 Hida-no-sato

Return Priest Enku's Buddha Images at Senkoji Temple | Nyukawa, Takayama City | Photo Gallery
A powerful clan of the Hida region, Ryomen Sukuna opened Senkoji Temple 1600 years ago. 1200 years ago, Prince Shin'nyo renewed the temple building as a Buddhist temple. Many historically valuable assets are kept in the temple. The travelling priest Enku stayed at the temple for a while in the Edo period. He carved buddha statues during his stay. 60 statues of his - including Ryomen Sukuna's image - are kept at the temple.
[Info]TEL.(0577)78-1507 Enku Carvings Exhibition Hall

Return Hida Planetarium | Kiyomi, Takayama City | Photo Gallery
This is the only planetarium in the Hida area. You can hear everything about the stars and planets; from scientific explanations to fantastic dream stories.
[Info]TEL.(0577)67-3407 Hida Planetarium

Return Amanoiwato Legend | Ichinomiya, Takayama City | Photo Gallery
Amaterasu Ohmikami is the god of Mt.Kurai. On the mountainside near the peak, there are some large stones. This is the place where the god is believed to have flown down onto from the heavens.
[Info] TEL.(0577)35-3145 Tourism Dept., Takayama City

Return Okuhida Spa Resort | Kamitakara, Takayama City | Photo Gallery
Okuhida Onsenkyo Hot Spring Resort includes the following hot springs: Hirayu, Shin-hirayu, Fukuji, Tochio and Shin-hodaka. Open air bathing in the mountains is certainly very relaxing.
[Info]TEL.(0578)9-2458 Okuhida Spa Resort Information Center

Return Amaribe Folk Village | Kawai, Hida City | Photo Gallery
Amaribe is a museum park in which visitors can see ancient Japan, as far back as the Asuka era. There are ancient houses to be seen - pit dwelling, foundation-less pillared house, raised storage, kitchen hut and toilet - all of which have been rebuilt exactly the way they used to be. Visitors can stay in these houses though meals are not provided.
[Info]TEL.(0577)65-2074 Legend Asuka

Return Hida Miyagawa Anthropology Museum | Miyagawa, Hida City | Photo Gallery
This is a museum with historical assets and ancient materials from the Johmon Period. An ideal study center.
[Info] TEL.(0577)62-3251 Hida Miyagawa Koko Minzoku-kan (Open: Only Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays from early April to mid- November)
TEL(0577)63-2311 Industry and Construction Dept., Miyagawa Promotion Office (Closed period)

Return Super Kamiokande | Kamioka, Hida City | Photo Gallery
This installation is attached to Tokyo University Cosmic Ray Research Center. The construction of this facility 1000 meters underground cost ¥10 billion. In July and August every year, it is open to the public.
[Info] TEL.(0578)2-2253 Industry Dept., Kamioka Promotion Office

Return Kamioka Castle | Kamioka, Hida City | Photo Gallery
This is a castle museum in which mining tools and historical materials are displayed. A vassal of Takeda Shingen, Yamagata Saburoe Masakage built the castle as a stronghold against Hida and Etchu during war time. The three storied building was rebuilt in 1970.
[Info]TEL.(0578)2-0253 Takahara Kyodo-kan (Dec. - Mar. closed )
(Closed period : TEL.(0578)2-2255 Education Board, Hida City)

Return Toyama City Folk Village | Toyama City | Photo Gallery
This hillside park of museum houses is an ideal place to experience the traditional culture of this area. You can learn about folk art at Mingeikan, anthropology at Koko-shiryokan, pottery at Togeikan and medicine peddler at Baiyaku-shiryokan. The art museum features works by Takamura Gyujin, a Toyama born artist. The Clay Dall Workshop is also worth a visit.
[Info]TEL.(076)433-8270 Toyama City Minzoku Mingei Mura

Return Inotani Sekisho-kan Museum | Hosoiri, Toyama City | Photo Gallery
Sekisho means "check point". Located along the border of Hida and Etchu, Inotani was one of the check points. Historical materials are exhibitted here.
[Info]TEL.(076)484-1007 Inotani Sekisho-kan

Return Zentokuji Temple Treasure Museum | Johana, Nanto City | Photo Ggallery
Priest Ren'nyo is said to have been the founder of Johana Betsuin Temple of the Ohtani school of the Shinshu sect. Among the many important temple assets is an interesting piece of "Yuishinsho" sermon written by Priest Shinran.
[Info] TEL.(0763)23-2019 Tourism Dep., Nanto City

Return Historical Jail Hut | Taira, Nanto City | Photo Gallery
Since Gokayama area was so remote, criminals were banished to this place of exile. Felons were kept in huts, and one such hut was rebuilt to show us how they lived as a criminal at that time.
[Info] TEL.(0763)23-2019 Tourism Dep., Nanto City

Return Legend of Taira Clan | Gokayama area |
The villages of Gokayama were where the Heike clan sought refuge after they had been defeated in the battle of Kurikara against the Genji clan. With that, the Heike people threw down their swords and took up the hoe and sickle to live out their lives as farmers. The Mugiyabushi tune was composed by them while they worked in fields of wheat which is "mugi" in Japanese language.
[Info] TEL.(0763)23-2019 Tourism Dep., Nanto City

Return A World Heritage - Shirakawa-go and Gokayama Area | Shirakawa-go and Gokayama | Photo Gallery
Ogimachi in Shirakawa Village, Ainokura in Taira Village and Suganuma in Kami taira Village have thatched roof houses which were designated as World Heritage Properties in December 1995. The high pitch roofs look like praying hands and that is why this style is called Gassho, meaning "praying hands". This traditional building style has been passed on from generation to generation over hundreds of years.
[Info]TEL.(05769)6-1311 General Affairs Dep., Shirakawa Village/ TEL.(0763)23-2019 Tourism Dep., Nanto City

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